What To Know 

  • We are located at Stepping Out Studios 9th floor, in studio C.
  • Free filtered water and vending machines are located in the entrance area.
  • Changing rooms are located through the ballroom.
  • Showers are available. The front desk has towel rental.
  • We have fresh sweat towels, anti-bacterial wipes and tissues available in class.

Check In

  • Please join us in studio c which is through the ballroom second studio on the right. 
  • Once you enter please hang your stuff up along the left side. 
  • Your instructor will go through attendance and let you know what equipment to grab. 


  • During check-in feel free to warm-up, stretch-out and get prepared for an amazing class. 

Mandatory Waiver

  • If your first visit was booked through Class Pass or Fit Reserve please agree to our standard liability waiver.

Safety Protocol 

  • Please hang all personal items. 
  • Sneakers storage works well under the bar of your trampoline. As well as in shoe holder. 
  • Please keep equipment under the front bar of your trampoline.
  • Water bottle and towel also work well in front of your trampoline as well. 


  • Barefoot exercise is preferred.
  • If you have flat feet or weak feet you may want to keep your sneakers on.
  • If your feet get achy through out class put your sneakers back on.
  • Cotton socks can be slippery and are not recommended.
  • Grip socks work well.
  • Refrain from body lotion on your legs or feet. It makes things slippery.
  • Refrain from wearing to much jewelry. It will bounce all around and be noisy through out class. 
  • Tight leggings and shorts are preferred. Loose fitting yoga pants can be hazardous. 
  • Refrain from eating up to 30 minutes prior to class. 
  • If you wear eye glasses you may want to wear your contacts instead. 
  • Stay hydrated and get ready to blast off into your body!

Personal Care

  • Please refrain from strong perfumes. 
  • Anti-bacterial wet wipes are available.
  • Please wipe down trampoline after use.
  • Wet wipes can be used to clean feet before and after.