What To Know 

  • trampoLEAN is located at Stepping Out Studios 9th floor, in studio C.
  • The men's room is located to the left of studio C and the women's room is located to the right of studio C.
  • There is a filtered water dispenser and vending machine located in the entrance area.
  • The front desk handles towel rental for $2.
  • Showers are available.

Check In

  • Enter studio C for your listed class time. If a class is not in session and you are early you are welcome to enter early. Otherwise, the entrance lobby can be used as a waiting area.
  • Your instructor will go through attendance and let you know what equipment to grab. 
  • During check-in process feel free to warm up, stretch out and get prepared for an amazing class. 

Mandatory Waiver

  • If your first visit was booked through Class Pass or Fit Reserve you will need to agree to a standard liability waiver. Please arrive a few minutes early before your class time. 

Safety Protocol 

  • Hang personal items on left side of the studio. 
  • Place sneakers on the right or left side under the bar of your trampoline. Or in shoe holder. 
  • Place equipment under the front bar of your trampoline.
  • Water bottle and towel go in front of your trampoline as well. 

We Suggest 

  • trampoLEAN is barefoot preferred. However, if you have flat feet or weak feet you may want to keep your sneakers on. If your feet get achy through out class put your sneakers back on. Grip socks work well. Cotton socks can be slippery and are not recommended.
  • Refrain from body lotion on your legs or feet. It will make the trampoline slippery.
  • Refrain from wearing to much jewelry. It will bounce all around and be noisy through out class. 
  • Tight leggings and shorts are preferred. Loose fitting yoga pants can be hazardous. 
  • Bring a sweat towel and water. Possible a change of clothes too. You will sweat!!
  • Refrain from eating up to 30 minutes prior to class. 
  • If you wear eye glasses you may want to wear your contacts instead. 

Personal Care

  • Please wear deodorant to class and refrain from strong perfumes. 
  • Anti bacterial wet wipes are available. Please wipe down trampoline after use. Wet wipes can be used to clean feet before and after.