Get Your Jump On

Expect athletic cardio sequences that keep you physically engaged, with squats, runs, sprints, kicks, lunges and moves called "raising the roof" and "fly like a bird." Interval timers are used to pace intensity levels. First time? No worries. The beginning of each class teaches good jumping technique and dynamic warm-ups.

Lean For Life

trampoLEAN has re-invented mini-trampoline workouts. Fifty minutes or less is all it takes to transform the way you look and feel. Each class blends motivating music and vigorous exercises that allow you to defy gravity. Elastics & light hand weights along with body weight exercises will keep you grounded while reshaping muscles. 

Shake it Up

With eight speciality classes, trampoLEAN easily fulfills your individual needs. Using reactive forces of gravity to target specific body parts, this training system empowers your inner athlete. This new mindset will fuel your body and take you to new heights. Book a class today and discover the powerful effects for yourself.