The new year is an exciting time. It brings new goals and aspirations. Popular fitness trends emerge, motivating us to change things up. Adding exercises that strengthen our cells is becoming more relevant. After all, strong cells lead to more energy and longevity. We know organic plant based food improve cellular health. Along with antioxidant rich supplements. This post will review which forms of exercise optimize our cells and explain why it matters.


A recent study by the European Heart Journal discovered endurance training improves cellular health! Endurance training and cardio are both aerobic exercises that use oxygen as the primary energy source. Activities like running, biking and rowing are all popular forms of aerobics. These activities use horizontal acceleration to increase fitness levels. Horizontal acceleration basically means gravitational velocity (G force) remains constant. While vertical acceleration has a velocity that fluctuates at a rate of 9.8 m/s. Rebounding (mini-fitness trampolines) is the only low-impact exercise that provides vertical acceleration. Nature Cell Biology discovered that gravity is more important than you might think and directly relates to cellular health!


Environments without gravity are known as microgravity. NASA has determined without gravity health deteriorates and survival is impossible. Astronauts need at least 2.5 hours a day of hypergravity (increased G force) exercises to delay physical declines. Bouncing on a trampoline provides hypergravity, which energize our cells - all 37.2 trillions of them! Hypergravity is what our ancestors experienced when swinging from trees. These G forces are exactly what astronauts need to stay healthy in microgravity. NASA research has confirmed rebounding efficiently provides rapid health benefits .This is why astronauts incorporate trampoline exercises into their pre and post flight training. Natural News reports white blood cells triple in number after rebounding and remain elevated for one hour. The key ingredient here is gravity. With out it we deteriorate. With more of it we get healthier.

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Stress, sleep, nutrition and exercise influence the health of our cells. These four lifestyle qualities effect the size of telomeres. Telomeres are protective caps that secure DNA strands. Healthy cells have long telomeres. Shorter telomeres are associated with aging, cancer and a higher risk of death. Something as easy as adding exercises that boosts emotional state help repair telomeres.  Studies show happier people tend to have healthier cells. Rebounding is known to elevate mood, enhance sleep and improve digestion.


There’s a new home test kit available by Teloyears that measures telomere length. This test gives insight on how your cells are aging and predicts your chronological age! Not to worry, your score can be enhanced by improving the above lifestyle factors. I’m eager to take this test and see how I score. I rebound regularly and have fairly healthy lifestyle habits. I’m hoping for good results, but there’s always room for improvement!


Just as resistance training is associated with toning and building muscle. Similarly as Pilates is connected to core strengthening. Soon exercises that optimize cells will become part of a complete fitness plan. Strengthening our internal health will become the new fitness trend of tomorrow. Rebounding provides healthy doses of G force that increase cellular health, boost brain power and immunity.  Consider adding these tips to your exercise regime today.

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