NYC Fitness Discounts & Deals


NYC Fitness Discounts & Deals

In honor of the upcoming holidays and Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday trampoLEAN will be offering fitness savings on single classes and big savings on holiday gift cards on 5 and 10 class packs . trampoLEAN was rated best NYC fitness class by CBS, Fox & WPIX 11 local news. Our popular trampoline exercise class combines cardio endurance, muscular toning and interval training into energized fun yet challenging workout experience. 

On Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday stock up on trampoLEAN fitness classes. Single classes normally priced at $33 will be on sale for $16.50. Feel free to purchase as many as you’d like! This deal is usually only valid one per customer and will not be offered like this ever again. 

Sale Valid only on Black Friday 11/27/15 , Small Business Saturday  11/28/15, Cyber Monday  11/30/15 - Deal Can Be Gifted!

Located @ Dany Studios: 305 W 38th Street, New York, NY 10018

Gift Cards can be gifted or purchased for your self!

To see a trampoLEAN workout in action check out this video


Fitness Parties


Fitness Parties

trampoLEAN is excited to host your next important event. Our high-energy & low-impact fitness classes are supportive, up-beat and encourage people to shed their inhibitions. Scheduling a health event to celebrate an occasion, increase team building or socialize are all in vogue. Our  speciality classes can accommodate groups up to 20. We love hosting the following private group classes, Women's Only Workouts, Birthday Parities, Work Events, Bachelorette Parties, Kids Parties and Sports Themed Classes. Here is information about each private group fitness class. 

Work Events

Existing clients love trampoLEAN classes so much they organize a private class to share it with their co-workers  & colleagues. We receive requests to participate in corporate events called "Gym Crawls". Private group classes improve team building and keep people healthy.

Birthday Parties

At trampoLEAN we are known for our upbeat playlists and fun team exercise spirit. Having a fitness party instead of birthday drinks is a growing trend, it's one of our most popular requests. All fitness levels are welcome. We’d love to celebrate your next birthday gathering.

Bachelorette Gatherings

Our trampoLEAN class is like a dance party. You can have fun sweating and getting your groove on with your friends. Continue your wedding day fitness training surrounded with friends. This private class is an excellent way to start or end your bachelorette party celebration. 

Holiday Party

Instead of eating & drinking with your colleagues and friends, how about sweating with them. A special holiday playlist is designed per your request. Sweat it out to your favorite holiday songs. Make this a annual holiday gathering tradition.

Sport Gatherings

The athletic nature of trampoLEAN class will help inspire your group to tap into their inner athlete. We have hosted a number of athletic gatherings in the past for lifeguards and fitness enthusiasts that are on the hunt for a performance based class with a sports edge.

Women's Workout

Get the ladies together for a fitness class catered for a women's only workout. Specialized exercises and routines will focus on sculpting female trouble areas. High energy playlists unite this female only class, creating a fun motivating energy. Exercise routines have a easy to follow choreographed flow. 

Kid Parties

We give children an easy to follow story narrative about trampolines. Play fun children music and make sure everything is very safe while they explore small, controlled fitness bounces. Mommy and me exercise programs are also available.


Trampoline vs. Spinning Class


Trampoline vs. Spinning Class

Both Trampoline fitness and Spinning classes are excellent ways to burn calories & decrease stress. A well designed Trampoline or Spinning class can help you burn between 400-800 calories in 50 minutes or less. The higher the effort level, the higher the caloric burn. Both techniques are great ways to improve cardio endurance while combing fun & focused intervals. Trampoline and Spinning classes share heart healthy, low-impact & bone strengthening benefits.  Spinning studios have exploded over the past few years & tend to be a more popular choice for people seeking a low-impact workout that offers a high caloric return. However, when comparing the two side by side Trampoline training actually offers more benefits, which may motivate you to jump into a class soon. 

Top 10 benefits of Trampoline & Spinning classes 

Trampoline vs. Spinning Class

Benefits of Trampoline Classes

Try a trampoLEAN class 


“I loved it, I’m a runner and I found it equally challenging but way more fun, a great thing to do with friends. It’s a harder workout than SoulCycle.” -  Katie Davis

"It is the best detoxifying exercise due to the vertical acceleration and deceleration. Similary to spinning it burns a high amount of calories but works more muscles." - WPIX 11 News

"Every time you bounce on a trampoline, every muscle in your body is contracting. Especially your core muscles." - Resident Magazine



Rated Best Trampoline Fitness Class


Rated Best Trampoline Fitness Class

2014 Year In Review

trampoLEAN group fitness class was developed in 2012 by Louis Coraggio for the Sports Club at Chelsea Piers. This popular fitness trampoline class gained loyal followers by spicing up basic exercise routines. Two years of sold-out classes encouraged Louis to expand his top-rated trampoline class, relocating to Dany Studios Fall of 2014.

As we celebrate our one year anniversary we’d like to thank you for your support and the opportunity to keep you fit and healthy. trampoLEAN programs are designed to help you reach your goals, have fun & tap into your inner athlete!

Don't Miss Our Fitness Special

A Few Stories, Reviews & Videos That Inspired Our Year!

    Summer of 2015     

"Trampoline fitness training has similar effects as running with out at the impact.  Similarly to spinning it burns a high amount of calories but works more muscles." - PIX 11 NEWS

"One Word: FUN, trampoLEAN originator Louis Coraggio blends cardio endurance with high intensity training and muscular toning to bring out the athlete in people.”  - Southampton Press & EastHampton Star  

"trampoLEAN offers a high-energy and low-impact workout that can be beneficial and fun for everyone."-

Watch trampoLEAN featured on Long Island News 12 as the Hottest Class in the Hamptons! Louis Coraggio shares the many benefits of fitness trampoline training (aka rebounding). 

Spring of 2015

Go Ahead JUMP! "Louis’s fitness trampoline class is the hottest trampoline class in NYC."- W42ST Magazine

The Top 5 Fitness Classes in NYC For a Beach Ready Body: "Uncover the hidden gems of New York City fitness that are sure to get you in the best shape of your life." - Haute Living           

NYC’s 5 Best Workout Classes For Spring 2015: "This workout will definitely make you sweat within minutes and it’s great for beginners as well as the avid gym goer." - CBS News

Winter of 2015

Fox 5 News features trampoLEAN as a great alternative to running that can help people lose weight & burn fat. 

"If you think trampoline training is child's play, think again." - Entertainment Reporter Simon Boyce

Fall of 2014

"Where to get a jump on your fitness this fall. One-of-the-Best fitness trampoline classes in NYC. Louis Coraggio is an awesome coach, too, helping you find and keep the right rhythm as you get your bearings." - Well + GOOD





Five Benefits of Trampoline Training

If you’re seeking to improve your health and fitness, trampoline training (also known as rebounding) is not only fun, it’s an excellent exercise choice. Training on a trampoline is low-impact and has similar benefits as running. It burns as many calories as spinning and targets more muscles. Here are five important benefits of the mini-fitness trampoline.

                                                        Book a trampoLEAN class today

                                                       Book a trampoLEAN class today


1. Low-Impact Exercise                                                                                  

A variety of exercises such as squats, jumps, sprints, kicks and fitness bounces are highly beneficial for weight loss. When performed on a trampoline - less impact occurs, making these exercises more effective.

2. Focused Training                                                                                        

Jumping on a trampoline keeps you extremely focused. This heightened attention enhances your balance, muscle activation along with spatial and body awareness. This helps take your work out to the next level.

3. Fat Burning                                                                                             

Interval training is the best way to burn fat and improve cardiovascular health. The feeling of weightlessness helps people work harder and burn more calories. Incorporating a variety of timed & dynamic intervals maximize results.

4. Anti-Aging                                                                                                  

Bouncing up and down causes vertical acceleration and deceleration. This motion detoxifies the lymphatic system and flushes out impurities. A variety of motion improves coordination, foot strength, posture & mind/body connection.            

5. It’s Fun                                                                                                        

This technique is guaranteed to make you smile and sweat. Trampoline training offers a variety of new ways to use your body. When combined with motivational music, it’s a great way to have fun and get your work out in.



Benefits of Rebounding

Benefits of Rebounding by Louis Coraggio 

I have been teaching mini fitness trampoline classes, also known as rebounding since 2013. People tend to become more athletic and reduce body fat as a result. I love Trampoline training as it allows me to fully blend movement science with creative athletic movements. 

Trampoline training is the only form of cardiovascular training that combines vertical acceleration and deceleration with minimal impact. This  continuous up and down motion should have more attention to pushing into the trampoline. As the skill set of this activity increases so do the many  health benefits. 

Lymph Flow increases 15-50 fold. As quoted in Jumping for Health, the lymphatic system helps to rid the body of: Toxins, Dead Cells, Trapped Protein, Fatty Globules, Heavy Metals, Infectious Viruses and Foreign Cells. The lymphatic system does not have a pump and needs to be activated. Trampoline training activates lymphatic flow by providing: Muscular Contraction, Internal Massage and Gravitational Pressure. When people take my class they are sweating in seconds. This is a good indication that lymphatic detoxication is occurring. 

For Stronger Bones a stimulus must be greater than the bones usually experience - bouncing on a trampoline increases the stimulus of gravity by 2x-7x. The trampoline absorbs and decreases the amount of impact promoting Healthier Joints. This combination also helps reduce overuse injuries often associated with running. 

Total Body Training is easily accomplished on the trampoline. Every muscle flexes in resistance to increased G-Forces. Balance and spatial awareness are enhanced as the vestibular, visual and proprioception system increases. Plyometrics and high intensity interval training is utilized more readily allowing muscles to work as one complete unit. 

Cardiovascular conditioning improvements are similar to running and based on the amount of effort the user puts forth. Caloric expenditure of trampoline training is close to 10 calories per minute. I have seen between 500 and 1,000 calories per 50 minute trampoLEAN class. trampoLEAN class is unlike most rebounder classes. We utilize athletic movements; squats, lunges, kicks, boxing, jumps, sprints, high knees and many other performance exercises. The weightlessness and low impact nature helps boost overall performance. 


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