Both Trampoline fitness and Spinning classes are excellent ways to burn calories & decrease stress. A well designed Trampoline or Spinning class can help you burn between 400-800 calories in 50 minutes or less. The higher the effort level, the higher the caloric burn. Both techniques are great ways to improve cardio endurance while combing fun & focused intervals. Trampoline and Spinning classes share heart healthy, low-impact & bone strengthening benefits.  Spinning studios have exploded over the past few years & tend to be a more popular choice for people seeking a low-impact workout that offers a high caloric return. However, when comparing the two side by side Trampoline training actually offers more benefits, which may motivate you to jump into a class soon. 

Top 10 benefits of Trampoline & Spinning classes 

Trampoline vs. Spinning Class

Benefits of Trampoline Classes

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“I loved it, I’m a runner and I found it equally challenging but way more fun, a great thing to do with friends. It’s a harder workout than SoulCycle.” -  Katie Davis

"It is the best detoxifying exercise due to the vertical acceleration and deceleration. Similary to spinning it burns a high amount of calories but works more muscles." - WPIX 11 News

"Every time you bounce on a trampoline, every muscle in your body is contracting. Especially your core muscles." - Resident Magazine