trampoLEAN fitness class has 5 specialty class that target specific muscles. The foundation of each class integrates jump based exercises on a premium JumpSport fitness trampoline. This vertical motion creates G-Forces that flexes every muscle group, especially core and leg muscles. To achieve an upper body workout we add resistance bands, body weight exercises & hand weights. Trampoline training is low-impact and allows a variety of plyometric exercises that increase effort, performance and results! 

This video highlights trampoLEAN’s 5 specialty classes

1. Abs + Interval Training class

Jump into strong abs. Jump based exercises focus on strengthening abdominal muscles. Short bursts of high intensity training designed to burn fat and keep you focused. Expect a variety of standing and seated ab exercises.

2. Booty Sculpt: Legs & Butt fitness training

Lower body time! Target leg muscles with fun yet challenging sequences that keep your heart rate up while you get your bounce on. Sculpting exercises use theta-bands and hand weights. Get ready to lunge, squat and jump your way to firmer legs.

3. TotalBody Burn workout class

Get ready to bring it. This low-impact workout combines challenging cardio, strength and athletic drills that are a ton of fun. Each drill is timed to gauge your performance. Bodyweight exercises, elastics, light weights and jumping drills provide a total body workout.

4. Core Conditioning: Abs & Butt exercise class

Get hardcore! Glutes & abs a are powerful core muscles. Learn new ways to connect to your untapped core potential. Expect a mixture of intervals, planks, jumps and balance training to give you a vigorous core workout.

5. Butt & Arms fitness class

Firm your butt and arms while performing fun and dynamic intervals. This class will keep your heart rate up and energy levels high! Expect hand weights, elastics and body weight exercises for sculpting plus continuous movement.

Class Program Design 

Because the trampoline requires balance and good control while bouncing, core activation is extremely important. Strength training exercises are added to each class. Each of the above fitness classes target a variety of muscles including; chest, abs, legs, arms, butt/glutes & shoulders. These muscles are strengthened while engaging the core and improving balance, coordination & agility. All exercises classes incorporate cardio and interval training to burn calories and increase evnergy. Each trampoline class incorporates at least one Tabata high intensity interval; 20 seconds maximal effort followed by 10 seconds recovery repeated 8 times. This is when energy is extremely high in the class. All exercises are modifiable, that allow athletes to improve sports performance and beginners to improve their fitness level. Jump into a class soon and see how challenging, fun & effective trampoline workouts can be!