Recent studies compared continuous cardio training and HIIT (high intensity training). Studies found the most effective way to perform cardio training is to make cardio less continuous and more intense. This reduces training time and improves results by increasing performance and fat burning results! The key is to make cardio more intense with times intervals. 

trampoLEAN cardio class is an excellent choice, as it is low-impact and features cardio endurance, high-intensity interval training & muscular sculpting. This 50 min cardio class has five speciality classes that target specific muscles. Which allows you to burn fat while sculpting muscles and strengthening your bones. This fat burning cardio class always includes at least one Tabata interval. Tabata consists of eight 20 seconds maximal effort intervals followed with 10 seconds recovery intervals = three minutes and fifty seconds. Get ready for a cardio class that is always well structured & motivates you to connect to your inner athlete! 

Trampoline cardio class is an excellent way to get your cardio in! This playground like environment makes fitness fun and exercises are easily adaptable for a variety of fitness levels. 

The American College of Medicine recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio exercise per week. As many people know cardio training is needed to burn off fat and keep the cardiovascular system healthy. Cardio training has many health benefits, here are 3 reasons to make time for cardio:

1. Improved Heart Health

Your heart is a muscle like any other muscle. To have a strong heart it must be used and used wisely. Interval training is the best way to develop a strong heart. Increasing work load for a short amount of time, then adding a recovery and repeating this for specific timed intervals. This formula forces the heart to work hard, then relax. This work hard relax ratio stretches the ventricles allowing the heart to take in and pump out more blood - making the heart stronger and more efficient. 

2. Increased Metabolism

The more intense the cardio the more calories are burned during and after each cardio workout. The scientific term for this is EPOC(excess post oxygen consumption) an intense cardio session will force your body to take in more oxygen post workout. Causing your metabolism to increase. Performing HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the best way to increase your metabolism post workout.

3. Hormonal Profile

People who take part in regular cardio increase endorphins. These stress relief hormones promote a positive outlook.