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Five Benefits of Trampoline Training

If you’re seeking to improve your health and fitness, trampoline training (also known as rebounding) is not only fun, it’s an excellent exercise choice. Training on a trampoline is low-impact and has similar benefits as running. It burns as many calories as spinning and targets more muscles. Here are five important benefits of the mini-fitness trampoline.

                                                        Book a trampoLEAN class today

                                                       Book a trampoLEAN class today


1. Low-Impact Exercise                                                                                  

A variety of exercises such as squats, jumps, sprints, kicks and fitness bounces are highly beneficial for weight loss. When performed on a trampoline - less impact occurs, making these exercises more effective.

2. Focused Training                                                                                        

Jumping on a trampoline keeps you extremely focused. This heightened attention enhances your balance, muscle activation along with spatial and body awareness. This helps take your work out to the next level.

3. Fat Burning                                                                                             

Interval training is the best way to burn fat and improve cardiovascular health. The feeling of weightlessness helps people work harder and burn more calories. Incorporating a variety of timed & dynamic intervals maximize results.

4. Anti-Aging                                                                                                  

Bouncing up and down causes vertical acceleration and deceleration. This motion detoxifies the lymphatic system and flushes out impurities. A variety of motion improves coordination, foot strength, posture & mind/body connection.            

5. It’s Fun                                                                                                        

This technique is guaranteed to make you smile and sweat. Trampoline training offers a variety of new ways to use your body. When combined with motivational music, it’s a great way to have fun and get your work out in.