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Rated Best Trampoline Fitness Class


Rated Best Trampoline Fitness Class

2014 Year In Review

trampoLEAN group fitness class was developed in 2012 by Louis Coraggio for the Sports Club at Chelsea Piers. This popular fitness trampoline class gained loyal followers by spicing up basic exercise routines. Two years of sold-out classes encouraged Louis to expand his top-rated trampoline class, relocating to Dany Studios Fall of 2014.

As we celebrate our one year anniversary we’d like to thank you for your support and the opportunity to keep you fit and healthy. trampoLEAN programs are designed to help you reach your goals, have fun & tap into your inner athlete!

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A Few Stories, Reviews & Videos That Inspired Our Year!

    Summer of 2015     

"Trampoline fitness training has similar effects as running with out at the impact.  Similarly to spinning it burns a high amount of calories but works more muscles." - PIX 11 NEWS

"One Word: FUN, trampoLEAN originator Louis Coraggio blends cardio endurance with high intensity training and muscular toning to bring out the athlete in people.”  - Southampton Press & EastHampton Star  

"trampoLEAN offers a high-energy and low-impact workout that can be beneficial and fun for everyone."-

Watch trampoLEAN featured on Long Island News 12 as the Hottest Class in the Hamptons! Louis Coraggio shares the many benefits of fitness trampoline training (aka rebounding). 

Spring of 2015

Go Ahead JUMP! "Louis’s fitness trampoline class is the hottest trampoline class in NYC."- W42ST Magazine

The Top 5 Fitness Classes in NYC For a Beach Ready Body: "Uncover the hidden gems of New York City fitness that are sure to get you in the best shape of your life." - Haute Living           

NYC’s 5 Best Workout Classes For Spring 2015: "This workout will definitely make you sweat within minutes and it’s great for beginners as well as the avid gym goer." - CBS News

Winter of 2015

Fox 5 News features trampoLEAN as a great alternative to running that can help people lose weight & burn fat. 

"If you think trampoline training is child's play, think again." - Entertainment Reporter Simon Boyce

Fall of 2014

"Where to get a jump on your fitness this fall. One-of-the-Best fitness trampoline classes in NYC. Louis Coraggio is an awesome coach, too, helping you find and keep the right rhythm as you get your bearings." - Well + GOOD