Private Training

Program Experience

Get ready to blast off into a fitness experience that will keep you body moving and your mind engaged for 60 min. Each session is fully customized to your fitness level and goals. Creating symmetry throughout your body and giving special attention to areas you want to improve upon the most.


Exercise programs are tailored and personalized to your fitness goals. Customized training sessions are 60 min and incorporate strength training, cardio, circuit training, flexibility & movement preps. Using a variety of equipment including; steppers, dumbbells, resistance bands, speed & agility ladders, trampolines, gliders, ankle weights and more!


We’ll record your exercise stats and provide movement assessments to get insight into your physical abilities. We’ll also provide weigh ins, measurements, before and after photos. This is helpful in tracking progress and making adjustments to programs as needed. Food journaling is recommended for the first 2 weeks.


Showers are available. 


Be sure to stay hydrated before and after each session. 


A light carbohydrate based snack 30-45 min prior to class will energize your body. A small piece of fruit or shake are healthy options.n