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J u m p


J u m p


You'll experience weightlessness and as much as 3x normal g-force. This electrifying stimulus contracts and relaxes every muscle with every bounce.

Training on a low-impact surface will keep you lean and strong while preserving your joints. Experience more movement and less strain on your body.

Studies show rebounding is 50% more efficient at burning fat than running. It is also one of the best workouts to detoxify and strengthen the lymphatic system.

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D e t a i l s

D e t a i l s

Your First Jump

Class Details

trampoLEAN classes are 50 minutes in length and targets different muscle groups daily. Exercises are easily modified based on fitness level. All classes are booked online. Private classes are available upon request. For more info on classes view our Class Roster

What to wear

Barefoot training is preferred. Grip socks are preferred over regular socks. Sneakers are suggested for people with weak ankles. For extreme comfort we recommend form-fitting pants or loose shorts and light quick-drying shirt. 


JumpSport premium mini-trampolines will fuel your work out. Resistance bands, light hand weights and dumbbells are provided for select classes and are placed in front of the trampoline.


Showers are available. Towel rental is available for $2 if needed.


Your stuff is safe in our studios. However, you can also leave your belongings in the locker room. 

What to bring

A towel, water bottle and change of clothes. A filtered water fountain is in the lobby along with a vending machine. Water bottles should be placed in front of the trampoline. 

Check- in

Your instructor will check you in and answer any questions you may have. Please notify your instructor if you need to leave early or have any pre-existing injuries. If it's your first time view First Visit Details


Be sure to stay hydrated before and after the class. 


A light carbohydrate based snack 30-45 min prior to class will energize your body. A small piece of fruit or shake is a healthy option.